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Workshop on sending workers from the Northern provinces to work abroad
09:50 AM 2023-11-27
(LĐXH)- At the workshop "Promoting sending workers from the Northern provinces to work abroad under non-profit programs and solutions to reduce the number of workers not returning home according to regulations" organized by MoLISA on November 24, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan said that sending Vietnamese workers to work abroad under contracts is a major policy of Vietnam to create jobs, increase income for workers, and at the same time contribute part of improving the quality of human resources and international integration.
Overview of the workshop
Recently, this work has developed strongly in both quality and quantity. In particular, the implementation of non-profit programs is increasingly effective.
Up to now, the Center of Overseas Labor (Colab) has sent more than 137 thousand Vietnamese workers to work in Korea, Japan, Germany and Taiwan (China).
Since 2017, there have been 4,260 workers in poor districts and coastal communes across the country working abroad under non-profit programs implemented by the Colab. This positively contributes to poverty reduction and ensuring social security.
However, the situation of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad illegally, violating the laws of the host country, quitting their contracts, or not returning home when their contracts expire in recent years has shown signs of increasing.
To resolve the above situation, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan requested that units under the MoLISA need to promote propaganda information to raise awareness of law observance for workers.
Along with that, effectively use human resources who have expired working abroad so that they have the motivation to return to participate in the domestic labour market, at the same time, effectively use human resources when they return home./.
By Hong Minh