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Vietnam - Japan promote labour cooperation
11:09 AM 2023-09-18
(LĐXH)- On September 15, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan had a meeting with Mr. Tarutoko Shinji - from Research Institute Joint Stock Company, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Japan.
At the reception, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan emphasized that over the past 50 years, cooperation between Vietnam and Japan has developed very quickly, extensively and increasingly effectively in all aspects.
In particular, cooperation in labour between the two countries has developed dramatically in recent years.
Among them, many programs and projects such as the Technical Internship Program, the Special Skilled Labour Program, and the Program to bring Vietnamese nurses and midwives to work in Japan under the  Vietnam-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (VJEPA)... has been implemented by the MoLISA in coordination with the Japanese side and has achieved many results.
“In recent years, the number of Vietnamese workers working in Japan accounts for over 50% of the number of workers working abroad every year. This shows that the program of sending and receiving Vietnamese interns and workers to Japan has had remarkable development" - Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan shared.
Expressing his thanks to Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan for welcoming the delegation, Mr. Tarutoko Shinji said that currently relevant Japanese agencies are considering amending current legal regulations related to the Program of accepting interns and foreign workers to practice and work in Japan.
Before submitting it to the Japanese National Assembly for verification and approval, ministries and branches will give their opinions and have an official draft. Therefore, at this meeting, the Japanese side wishes to listen to the Deputy Minister's opinion on amending Japan's foreign intern program.
Mr. Tarutoko Shinji affirmed that the new intern program will have many new features, but the main goal is still to train vocational skills and foreign languages for Vietnamese youth before returning home.
Mr. Tarutoko Shinji said that after returning to Japan, he will synthesize MoLISA's opinions and report to Japanese authorities for study and consideration before submitting to the Japanese National Assembly./.
By Hong Minh