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Hanoi created jobs for more than 171 thousand workers in 9 months
02:21 PM 2023-10-02
(LĐXH)- Through the first 9 months of 2023, Hanoi has created jobs for more than 171 thousand workers, exceeding the yearly target of creating jobs for 162,000 people.
Workers looking for jobs at a job session
Faced with many difficulties in the labour and employment market, Hanoi has implemented solutions to support and create jobs for workers in the city.
Hanoi Statistics Department said that in the nine months of this year, the whole city created jobs for 171.2 thousand workers, reaching 105.7% of the whole year plan.
In particular, the city entrusted through the Bank of Social Policies loans to the poor and social policy beneficiaries with a total amount of VND 1,800 billion, helping to create jobs for 34.6 thousand workers.
Along with that, Hanoi Employment Service Center successfully organized 191 job transaction sessions with the participation of 5,500 units and businesses.
Also in 9 months, 65.6 thousand people received unemployment insurance benefits with a support amount of 1,816 billion VND; as well as vocational training support for 663 people with an amount of nearly 3 billion VND.
In addition, social security and welfare have been paid attention to by the city and all levels and sectors./.
Hong Minh