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Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan receives President of Knowledge Group
11:03 AM 2023-03-20
(LĐXH)- On March 16th, at the Ministry’s Head Office, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan had a cordial meeting and worked with Mr. Katsube- President of Knowledge Group in Japan. Attending the meeting were leadership representatives from the Department of International Cooperation, the Department of Overseas Labour.
At the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan highly appreciated the good cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Japan in recent years.
The special cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Japan has achieved very good results in many aspects. In particular, the field of cooperation in bringing Vietnamese workers and interns to work in Japan in recent years has achieved impressive results.
Currently, there are over 500,000 Vietnamese people living and working in Japan, of which, about 350,000 are trainees and workers.
The Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs has directed dispatching enterprises to implement solutions to improve quality in selection and training to get better quality of trainees and workers to serve the domestic labour market and overseas labour market, including Japan.  
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Katsube - Chairman of Knowledge Group of Japan thanked Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan for the warm welcome.  
Knowledge Group's motto will focus on creating a better working environment, as well as creating many good workplaces for the future of workers and interns from other countries. Thus, the workers in Japan after returning home country will receive advanced techniques from Japan and contribute to the labour market as well as the development of the country.
Mr. Katsube also emphasized that, currently, because of entering the aging population, Japan is facing a shortage of workers in the nursing, and midwifery industries. He hoped that Vietnam would have more trainees in Japan in this field.
In response to Mr. Katsube, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan said that Vietnam is currently taking advantage of the golden population period and applying many solutions to take advantage of development, training good quality human resources to bring to developing countries and identify this as a high-quality human resource training channel, after returning home country will have many contributions to society.
Regarding the proposal to bring workers and trainees who are nurses to Japan, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan strongly supported the proposals of Mr.Katsube. However, it is recognized that the industry had specific characteristics in work, requiring workers to have professional skills, along with the requirement of high level language certification.
Therefore, in order to promote quickly, Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan suggested that the Japanese agencies would have good coordination with Vietnamese agencies and businesses and offer preferential policies to attract the labour force./.