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Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh: Developing the labour market, ensuring social security
11:09 AM 2022-12-22
(LĐXH)- At the 5th Vietnam Economic Forum just held in Hanoi, Deputy Minister MoLISA emphasized that ensuring jobs and social security for people is an important task as well as a responsibility of the whole political system and society. This contributes to creating a driving force for economic growth and maintaining political stability.
MoLISA Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh speaks at the Forum
According to Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh, when the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, the labour market was severely impacted.
There was a time when the labour supply was severely reduced with more than 30 million employees (equivalent to 58.36% of the workforce) being negatively affected (losing jobs; taking breaks, rotating leave; reducing working hours, reduce income...).
However, with the participation of the whole political system, the labour market has recovered quickly in 2022.
He said: "In the new development period, we have both opportunities and difficulties but more challenges. In 2023, it is forecast that the labour market will bear many risks and challenges. To overcome as well as anticipate the upcoming difficulties, we need to have solutions and answer the problems posed in both labour, employment and social security”.
Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh said that the tasks and solutions will focus on the following issues:
First, perfect the system of policies and laws to synchronously develop elements of the labour market, and improve the operational efficiency of the market's intermediary institutions; develop a labour market information system; improve the efficiency of the organization and operation of the labour market.
Second, review and assess human resource needs by industry and field; training and development of labour skills and timely supply to meet the needs of the labour market, especially the needs of foreign-invested enterprises.
Third, promote sustainable job creation and effective use of the labor force through credit programs and policies to support job creation, paying special attention to specific and vulnerable workers.
In addition, develop the social security and insurance network through a more diversified package of social security services; synchronously implement multi-dimensional and sustainable poverty reduction solutions; building a flexible social support system, adapting to risks.../.
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